Palm Tree Lamps

Great lighting can set the mood in any room and lamps can turn the decor of an area from typical to fantastic with the flip of a switch. These lamps provide a variety of lighting options to the person who is looking to create a different mood or complement the existing interior of a space.

Rope Light Palm Trees

Nothing says party like rope lights. These clever lights bring personality and flair into any space. Get creative with the space you are looking to add some light to with this great selection of palm tree rope lights. There are a wide variety of rope lights that are sure to match the need of your party or project as well as your budget.

Neon Palm Trees

There is something special about neons. Whether they bring to mind images of a funky restaurant or lounge in the tropics, or if you immediately think about the bachelor pad that you used to have, neon trees definitely add ambiance to a room or patio. There are a wide variety of neon palm trees available.

Palm Tree Floor Lamps

There are a wide variety of palm tree floor lamps that are sure to add some tropical decor and ambiance to any room of your house or any poorly lit office space. The floor lamps come in a variety of shapes and prices, so you are sure to find a style that meet your lighting needs while keeping your budget in check.

Palm Tree Table Lamps

Table lamps are a great way to compliment any room of your home. They can provide extra light, contribute to the ambiance and help save on energy costs by controlling the electricity used in a space. You will find a wide variety of high quality table lamps to choose from. There is a great selection to fit any budget.

Palm Tree String Lights

There is something magical about any space decorated with string lights. There is a certain level of festivity that is automatically transferred to a room and they can lighten the mood and make the party get started. Check out the wide selection of string lights that can make your next party or gathering a success.

Palm Tree Candle Holders

Candles are a beautiful accompaniment to any area. They can create a mood, make a room smell great if they are scented and lend warmth and ambiance. Candle holders can be simple or elaborate depending upon your mood or your presentation. Check out all of the candle holders available to you and light up your house!

Palm Tree Candles

Candles are a great and typically inexpensive way to create a mood in your home. You can fill a room with candles and make everyone present revel in the special atmosphere you generated. There is a great selection of candles offered to you that will change the ambiance of your home and make any room warm and inviting.

Palm Tree Sconces

Wall scones are a clever way to add additional electrical or candlelight to any room while also providing for an attractive wall decoration that is great to look at with the light on or off. Peruse the selection and make good use of this multi-functional home accessory.