Inflatable Palm Trees

Inflatable trees are a great way to provide decoration to a party or occasion that needs some “oomph.” The wide selection of inflatable palm trees are sure to provide you with countless ideas over how to spice up a room or a party and are sure to give you plenty of novelty gift-giving ideas.

Fake Palm Trees

Fake trees can add some low maintenance style and flair to any space, home or office. Whether you are looking to enhance an outdoor or indoor space, you are sure to find some flora and fauna to fit your style and budget out of the wide variety of fake trees that are featured.

Silk Palm Trees

Some people just have to face the fact that they have more of a “brown” thumb than they do a “green” thumb. However, for those people who feel like the only plant they are good with is an artificial one, silk trees are the way to go! Silk trees are a great way to add extra flavor to your home or office and you will never have to worry about killing them.

Bonsai Palm Trees

Bonsai trees are one of the most interesting types of trees and it is amazing to learn that they are actually cultivated and grown this way by careful attention and painstaking effort. In fact, in many areas of the world, the bonsai tree is considered an art form. Add a touch of the exotic to your home or office.

Silk Areca Palm Trees

Silk areca trees look surprisingly real (and they feel real to anyone who is curious). A silk areca palm tree will allow you to put a life like tree into your home or office and know that it will compliment your interior without looking cheap or fake. There is a great selection of high quality silk areca trees available.

Silk Coconut Palm Trees

These beautiful artificial trees look real to the eye and will have anyone believing you care for a real coconut tree in your home. Plus, silk coconut trees require no maintenance, allowing you to keep your busy schedule and not having to worry about plant upkeep and watering!