Indoor Palm Trees

There are a wide variety of indoor trees that are available to add personality to your home or office. Many palm trees, despite their sensitivity to the climate and other outside conditions in some areas of the country can still thrive when they are placed and grown indoors. Take a look at the wide variety of indoor trees that are sure to brighten your day!

Christmas Palm Trees

The Christmas Palm Tree’s seeds turn bright red during the holiday season, signaling the time for good cheer. With its beautiful arching leaves, this palm is an excellent selection for patios, lanais and even indoor areas as well. This is a great selection for any home, office, or yard.

Date Palm Trees

The date tree, a member of the palm family, is used in many ornamental or decorative scenarios. Popular in the lobbies of Las Vegas hotels, the date palm tree is one of the most popular trees in the world and has roots that stretch back to Ancient Egypt. Common species include the Canary Island Date Palm, Sylvester Date Palm and Pygmy Date Palm.

Queen Palm Trees

Queen trees are a member of the palm family and are one of the most robust and hardy of all species. The queen palm tree comes in a variety of sizes and can be planted outdoors in the soil or indoors in a planter. They can survive in the cold to 18 degrees Fahrenheit, making them an excellent choice for those living in cooler climates.

Coconut Palm Trees

You may believe that Coconut trees are an exotic type of tree, only found in the most tropical of locales. However, that couldn’t be farther from the truth! Browse the wide selection of coconut trees available to you. There are many coconut trees that can be planted outdoors and even maintained indoors, allowing you great flexibility.

Areca Palm Trees

Areca trees are a member of the palm family and can be a great plant for indoor or outdoor use. The fronds of this plant are feather-like in appearance and do not grown too high, so these trees are great for careful positioning around your home or office. These medium size trees may require some maintenance, but are well worth it.

Bamboo Palm Trees

Bring the exotic into your home or yard when you buy a real bamboo palm tree. Also referred to as a Reed Palm, Clustered Parlor Palm, or Cane Palm, there is a wide selection of bamboo palms available to you and you are sure to find the perfect plant to compliment the look or feel that you are going for in your home or garden.

Banana Palm Trees

Banana trees are one of the most tropical and exotic palms you can buy. While these trees prefer a wet or humid climate, with proper care and watering, they can survive in dry climates. If cared for correctly, your patio or backyard will not only look good, but will also provide great tasting bananas to enjoy.

Dwarf Palm Trees

Dwarf palm trees generally refer to smaller palms like Areca’s, Christmas Palms and Banana Trees. These palms are great when you need a tree that doesn’t obstruct a view or just aesthetically prefer a shorter tree. It is also common to create a bonsai type plant by utilizing indoor planters that may dwarf the palm.

Palm Tree Seeds

Depending upon what your goal is when it comes to planting a tree, there are many tree seeds available to you. If instructions are followed you will be able to grow a tree that will compliment your home and garden for years to come. View the most popular palm tree seeds and select the right one for you.

Windmill Palm Trees

The Windmill is a species of palm tree found at the foothills of the Himalyan Mountains. It is one of the best palm trees to be used in inland or Northern climates as it is very hardy in cold weather and very functional. It can thrive in virtually any environment given the right care and maintenance.

Canary Palm Trees

The canary tree is a type of palm tree that originated in the Canary Islands and is one of the most sought after ornamental palm trees in the United States. It is one of the most majestic and beautiful palm trees in the world and makes great addition to any home office or landscape.

Pindo Palm Trees

Pindo trees are a specific type of the palm family that are very cold hardy, even tolerating temperatures in the single digits. The frond of this tree is beautiful and graceful and is sure to make your outdoor or indoor landscape beautiful. Depending upon how much care and maintenance you put into this tree, they can even survive in Northern climates.